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ACE Awards!

Nominate an 8th grade boy or girl for the ACE Awards (Advocates for Character and Education). This award will be given to those who have accomplished great things in their community or school having
 good character on a consistent basis, educational growth, unusual commitment to learning despite obstacles, and planning for the future. Nominations accepted at www.c4caceawards.com until January 30, 2015.

WMS Orchestra Concert!
The Orchestra will be performing Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 7:30 pm in the Woodmont High School auditorium.

WMS School Resource Officer Award
Jordan King also noticed that $3 had been dropped by a classmate. Jordan made sure this money was turned in and the owner was able to get their cash back.Both of these students showed a great amount of personal integrity. Their actions can be an example for all of us at Woodmont Middle School. Due to thier outstanding moral decisions, both Grant and Jordan, have been awarded the Woodmont Middle Student S.R.O. (school resource officer) for the month of September.

Grant Welborn located $5 in the school cafeteria. Instead of keeping the money for his own, Grant made sure to turn the cash in so it could be returned the proper owner.

There's an App for that!
Download the free Smartphone App and connect to WMS on your phone or tablet!
Sync the school calendar, link to the Parent Portal, pay on your child's lunch account, and import school contacts. Search "School Info App" on your Smartphone and select Woodmont to begin. For more details click here. First-time users click here. 

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Homework Help
We are happy to offer after-school homework help 3:30pm-4:30pm. For detailed information and a registration form, click here.
Monday, ELA
Tuesday, Math
Wednesday, Social Studies (Individuals and Societies)
Thursday- Sciences



Energy Star Award

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